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10 Shop Owners
have come together to open a 4,700 sq. ft. Fine Antiques shop.  we offer an extensive line of Furniture and Collectibles from the early 1700s to the Art Deco Era.  Our items come to you from around the world!
Founded on June 1, 2013, Silver Lining Antiques is one of the largest collections of fine antique Shoppes in East Texas. 
Owner Carla Sallee's love of history began as a child. "On each family vacation my mother would research the history of that location. When we arrived, I knew I was about to step back in time, and I wanted to know everything that there was to know!  I guess that's where my passion for history and antiques really began. I love knowing when I am buying an item, I am buying a piece of history."
Over the years, Carla began to collect pieces here and there.  Her passion for antiques and the stories they carry only grew. Little did she know that a lifelong passion would all culminate in her opening the second largest fine antique store in Tyler, Texas.
With 12 unique dealers comprising Silver Lining, you will find incredible treasures ranging from the early 1600's to primitives to the Art Deco era with fine furniture and collectibles from around the world.  These dealers bring the added benefit of over 175 years of antiques knowledge. 
"Every day we are bringing in new items. We are very diligent to try to find things for good prices so we can then provide fair pricing for our customers. We carry antiques at every price point from thousands of dollars to as little as five so everyone is able to come and have fun shopping with us whether looking for a specific piece or simply looking for an afternoon of fun."
Officially founded June 1, 2013
In just three short months, Carla Salle has seen a dream come true with the opening of Silver Lining Antiques.
"It came so quick," she said. "I was just hanging on as God drove the car."
Mrs. Sallee grew up in California and moved to Tyler in 1983. She sold jewelry for more than 20 years. For the past six years she worked as an event coordinator for The Potpourri House, but she and her best friend Deborah Benson had been daydreaming about starting a business together to sell antiques.
Mrs. Sallee said she has collected antiques for about 10 years to decorate her home. At the end of January she began looking into renting a small space in an antique mall, but they all had a waiting list, she said.
Mrs. Salle said she learned of vendors who were being displaced when Tyler Antiques in downtown Tyler closed last year. Five of those dealers relocated to Silver Lining Antiques.  

"This has come about in three short months."

Mrs. Sallee and nine other antique dealers make up a 'collection of fine shops' in one space that for years housed Joyner-Fry. She said she did not want the shop to look like a mall, so even though the 10 antique dealers each have their own space, there are no separating walls so it feels like a 'fine antiques store.'
Mrs. Sallee is preparing to go to California on a buying trip for the store and said several others travel to Europe to find pieces to sell.